5 Things You Should Know Before Taking Puppy to Dog Park

Dog parks can provide excellent exercise and social interaction for most dogs, and even their owners! But not all dog parks are created equal. Certain parks aren’t safe (or fun) for every dog, and situations within the park can change quickly... even drastically. Depending on the type of dog and the type of person, the experience can vary wildly. Some dogs take to the new environment with ease, while others take longer to adjust. And some just aren’t going to take to it at all — not now, or ever. In this article, you’ll find answers to the most common questions about dog parks. You’ll also learn if you and your dog are really ready to hit the park, what to...

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The Quickest Way to Stop Puppy Biting

Biting is normal puppy behavior If your puppy was with their littermates, they'd all be biting each other constantly! ​Puppies have super sharp teeth in order to receive immediate feedback from their littermates. If they bite another puppy too hard, that puppy will yelp and play will stop.​ This teaches puppies to mouth softer and softer in order to keep play going. As puppies grow up, they get really good at bite inhibition, or controlling the pressure of their bite, so that they don't cause pain or damage. Play-biting becomes a very enriching form of socialization for many dogs. It is important to note that we are not dogs! We cannot yelp, growl, or otherwise communicate like dogs. So what...

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Dog Park Body Language

If you decide to visit a dog park, it is important to be able to read the body language of your dog and the other dogs present. The ideal body language is playful, but dogs will exhibit a variety of behaviors as they contact new dogs and spend more time at the park. Overall you are looking for balanced play between dogs – sometimes one is on top and next time he’s on the bottom. Sometimes he’s the chaser, and next he will be the chased. It’s always wise to leave the park if your pet shows signs of tiredness, stress or fear or if there are dogs present who seem threatening. Playful actions to watch for: Back and forth...

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