Pet weight loss

  According to the survey, most pets now live very comfortable lives, which causes their habits to deviate from the original laws.Obesity, this deadly killer, also goes hand in hand, causing great distress to pets.

  How to restore your pet to a healthy life.BitePets provided props for the owners of stuffed animals

The luminous chest harness is a good prop. It can be worn comfortably by pets at full angles. At the same time, it can enjoy sports time with the owner when taking

pets out for a stroll.Click on the picture to go shopping

Shark vest, it is a must-have product for pets to swim. The size is suitable for various body types ranging from 2 pounds to 100 pounds. Use the buoyancy of density to make your pet no longer fear swimming,Click on the picture to go shopping

The interactive feeding bowl and the pattern at the bottom of the bowl reduce the pet's eating speed, which is of great help to the pet's weight loss.Click on the picture to go shopping

The pet bites the ball, food stuffs the ball into the body, exercises the pet’s bite force, aims to restore its athletic nature, and also bring cleanness to its.teeth.Click on the picture to go shopping

Pet nail scissors, this is the last Amway product, and it is also for safety reasons. Although the pet is degraded, its nails are still very sharp. Trim the nails and hug the pet safely.

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