Bitepets was founded as a convenient one-stop shop for pet lovers at a revolutionary price

Why Bitepets?

James and Bitepets founder Roman adopted many pets while studying in Europe, especially the quality of pit bulls.When he decided to build his own brand, he named it after Pet.

- Team spirit

The pit bull, also known as the American pit bull, is a highly social animal.Pit Bulls have beautiful curves, healthy body, indomitable will, intelligent mind, loyalty and trust to people.Roman wants the team to enjoy  and have strong connections, just like Bit does.

What is the difference between Bitepets and the rest of the market?

- The real value of cost cutting

It's a difficult time to get into the pet market, but it's also a good time, Roman said.As for hard times, there are already plenty of established electronics companies.It may be hard to see as a new brand.As for good timing, the technology has been well developed, which allows us to control costs at a reasonable price so that more pet lovers can get their favorite products.

- Attributes to compete with the current market

Quality, novelty, service, convenience and cost - these are the factors we focus on when choosing our products.One always comes at the expense of the other.The essence of building a quality board is to find a balance.Roman strives to make products that can surprise users as much as bits.

- Add more creativity to the board.

Services and product displays are more restricted than in traditional markets, but they don't have to be boring.Roman combines a more interesting presentation with Facebook, and provides more presentation and visual enjoyment through a powerful service.

Why use Bitepets?

- Skilled manufacturing and strict quality inspection.

Quality comes first.Defects in design and production can endanger pets' lives.Reasonable product construction and rigorous testing ensure that each product is comfortable and safe for pets to use.The BitePets team will also manually test the product before release.Stay in the board company for the shelter of the pet use!

- Experience that values user feedback.

Roman created Bitepets simply because he wanted to customize the perfect product for himself.He believes that as long as the board meets his or her specific needs, everyone will like it.To be sure, companies can't customize their boards for everyone.However, when Roman designs new products, your opinion is very important.Come and join BitePets to make their lives better.