bitepets pink Pet folding water cup with filter element
bitepets Pet folding water cup with filter element
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bitepets Pet folding water cup with filter element
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Pet folding water cup with filter element

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Portable And Foldable: The top sling and suitable bottle size make it easy to hang on the wrist or put in a bag, which is very suitable for outdoor and daily use. In addition, the foldable water cup saves space and is easy to carry, you can put it in a backpack, clip it on the water cup or fold it into a mini dog travel cup. 

Dog kettle with built-in filter: Activated carbon filter element is made of high-quality fruit shell charcoal and coal-based activated carbon, supplemented with food grade adhesives, using high-tech technology and processed by a special process. It filters impurities and chlorine and has anti-odor. And antioxidants

Leak-Proof Design: Pet water bottle dispenser with one-key lock water and sealing rubber ring to avoid a leak. No worry about wetting your bag.Just keep pressing the button to let the extra water flow back to the bottle after feeding your dogs, saving water and reducing waste.


Healthy material: Our pet water bottle is made of 100% food grade silicone and plastic. It can store 280ml/10oz water.. BPA-free, lead-free, safe and durable, high temperature resistant, food grade ABS, PC, FDA food grade, 100% healthy for your pet. We use high-quality materials, drop resistance is more durable, is your best companion for pets!


Wide sink: This cat and dog travel cup bowl has a large slot of 80mm. Not only does it ensure that you can easily drink water for dogs, but also ensures that cats, rabbits or other small pets drink water quickly, and it will not wet your dog. In addition, the most important and different point is that the remaining water can be collected and used again by pressing the button. Undrinking water can immediately flow back into the bottle without causing pollution.

Dog water bottle

  • Mafe of high quality food-grade ABS material
  • Safe and non-toxic, hence it can safely be used for pets
  • BPA Free, no smell and recyclable
  • Detachable and easy to clean
  • Large Capacity: 280ml/ 10oz

What's in the box:

1 X Dog Water Bottle