bitepets BITEPETS™ Waterproof Dog Socks(4 PCS)

BITEPETS™ Waterproof Dog Socks(4 PCS)

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🐕 Suitable for all-weather protection of paws with BITEPETS™ Dog Socks 🐾

🦮Anti-slip & Drop-proof & Fall-off 🐾🐾

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✅✅It is very suitable for snow, ice, salt, sand, mud, chemicals and pesticides, such as medical covering and dogs allergic to grass.

Easy to clean, soft and hand washable.

💧Rubber bottom waterproof 🔥 keep warm

Made of durable and flexible rubber material. The bottom of the pet shoes has an anti-jump and anti-collision design.

The non-slip mat also prevents the dog from sliding on the smooth floor.

🐕Magical magic belt, not easy to fall off🐾

Solve the problem of the dog swinging socks off, so that the socks always fit the dog's feet.

You can adjust the socks according to the dog’s legs, suitable for dogs and cats, very convenient.

 🐕 Cute & Beautiful:Three colors are available