H Red Bitepets-Pet Hair Remover
H Bitepets-Pet Hair Remover
H Bitepets-Pet Hair Remover
H Bitepets-Pet Hair Remover
H Green Bitepets-Pet Hair Remover
H Black Bitepets-Pet Hair Remover
H Bitepets-Pet Hair Remover

Bitepets-Pet Hair Remover

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Did you know that the furniture that looks clean is actually covered in cat hair that you can't see! With this hair remover can well clear the pet hair hidden in the corner and invisible 91.28% of customers will choose to buy two, respectively in the car and home


☁Remove Embedded Fur Easily: Your New weapons for auto detailing/car detailing and cleaning household fabrics. We have thickened and hardened rubber gear of the rubber dog hair remover brush, easier to pull out even the mobitepetst deeply embedded pet hair, and won't leave scratches. This pet hair cleaning brush can solve the problems that lint rollers and vacuums can't solve.

☁4 Cleanning Modes: This pet hair removal brush provides 4 different density gear to help you cleaning in different scenarios Switch modes according to the amount and length of the pet's hair to achieve the best cleaning effect.

☁Washable&Reuslable: Don't waste money on single-use sticky lint roller sheets! Simply clean your vehicle dog hair remover brush rubber blades with soap and water! This carpet hair remover can be reused many times, which is convenient and environmentally friendly.

☁Comfortable Handle: The pet hair remover brush used for shedding is made of elastic soft rubber. The handle is curved and concave, which is easy to hold and comfortable. Repeated shaving will not make you feel tired or your hand muscles are tight.

☁Must Have for Pet Lover: A perfect gift choice for the pet lover, especially who has dogs, cats or any other long hair animal. Buy this pet hair remover and offer you a fur-free home