H Yellow+Grey / 1pcs Bitepets-Turtle Dog Chew Toys
H Bitepets-Turtle Dog Chew Toys
H Bitepets-Turtle Dog Chew Toys
H Bitepets-Turtle Dog Chew Toys
H Blue+Grey / 1pcs Bitepets-Turtle Dog Chew Toys
H Blue+Chocolate / 1pcs Bitepets-Turtle Dog Chew Toys
H Yellow+Chocolate / 1pcs Bitepets-Turtle Dog Chew Toys
H Bitepets-Turtle Dog Chew Toys

Bitepets-Turtle Dog Chew Toys

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 This turtle dog chew toy specially customized for medium and large dogs, turtle-shaped chew toy will stimulate the dog's hunting psychology, so as to clean the mouth, prevent pets from chewing furniture, conducive to pet mental health

[ Multi functional dog toy] This is a multi functional dog chew toy,which integrates the functions of rubbing,cleaning teeth,and entertainment .This toy can bring multiple play fun to the dog.

[Massage cleaning function] The newly designed enlarged cone-shaped rubbing bumps,more conventional conical rubbing bumps, and various shapes of massage textures ,which can thoroughly clean the dog's incisors ,canines and molars,when the dog bites and plays with the toy. Effectively remove all kinds of rice residue ,dirt and dental calculus,and fully protect the dog's teeth and oral health .

[Strong and durable] This is a dog toy that is resistant to biting ,falling,and smashing.The shell - shaped shell is made of high - hardness nylon raw material . The main shape of the colorful turtle is made of high -toughness and soft TPR. It is suitable for large ,medium and small dogs,and will not be damaged after long -term use.


[Equipped with cotton dog rope toy] The tail is designed with a cotton dog chew rope,which is resistant to abrasion and bite, and can stimulate the dog's interest in biting,giving the dog a different biting experience , and making the dog fall in love with the playbook Toy.

[ Cleaning teeth toys] You can apply special toothpaste or attractant directly on the teeth of the toy,which can attract the dog's interest in playing,and it can also clean the dog's teeth better,which truly realizes the dog brush teeth by himself .

[Easy to use] When dogs use this product ,they can clean their teeth while playing to ensure that the dog's teeth are healthy every minute .But for your dog's health,we recommend that you use it for your dog no more than 20-30 minutes a day.

You can play with this toy for your dog both indoors and outdoors . Frequent use of the toy for the dog can not only improve the dog's intelligence and reduce the daily anxiety,but also prevent the dog from destroying the family 's furniture,clothing,etc.at home.

Toy Body:Length:4.23in Width:5.43in Height:2.6in Weight:7.62oz