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bitepets Chew Toys
bitepets Chew Toys
bitepets Chew Toys
bitepets Chew Toys

Bitepets Dinosaur Eggs Dog Chew Toys

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Key Benefits

  • Made for the Most Aggressive Chewers
  • Improve Oral Hygiene
  • Helps Relieve Stress & Anxiety
  • Made with Maximum Pet Safety in Mind
  • Help Keep Your Dog Active and Healthy
  • Made of Nearly Indestructible TPR with Hard Nylon Shell

If you have a chew monster at home, you're not alone!

Over 90% of dogs are considered to be 'chewers' by their owners. This 'destructive' behavior can be a frustrating trait of any high energy pup! Our heavy-duty DinoPals Dinosaur Egg Toys were designed with these dogs in mind.

Meant to relieve anxiety and destructive behaviors like aggressive chewing, these toys were made to keep your dog active, healthy, and fit. Perfect for notorious 'chewing' breeds like retrievers, shepherds, bully mixes, chihuahuas, terriers, collies, and more.

Your pup will enjoy endless hours of entertainment, as well as improved dental hygiene, less stress, and better sleep - all without sacrificing your shoes, furniture, or in-laws!

Dinosaur Egg Toys are made from nearly indestructible pet-safe TPR with a raw nylon shell that's perfect for hiding treats, applying toothpaste, or sneaking medication. 

Size: Dinosaur Body: 13cm/5in + Rope, 8.25cm/3.25in Width